About CBA

Collection Bureau of America, Ltd. (CBA) was founded and has been a privately-held corporation since 1959. We are a Minority Owned Business (MBE) certified through the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) as well as a State of California certified small business and are licensed / authorized to collect in all 50 states. 

CBA is an industry leader because of the following distinct, competitive advantages:

Scope - CBA’s nationwide scope is a competitive advantage because it allows us to collect for national clients with customers across the United States. No matter where the customer moves, CBA has the ability to contact them in their state of residency to work with the customer regarding their account. Having a substantial national market penetration across the United States, CBA can allocate resources for collection efforts that apply to all markets because we have active, current and ongoing collection efforts in every state.

Diversity - Collection Bureau of America (CBA) is a privately-held, diverse, minority-owned accounts receivable management firm. Since 1959, CBA has specialized in collecting consumer and commercial debts, both locally in California and nationally.  CBA’s headquarters and local office is in Hayward, California. CBA has been located at this custom-designed twenty-four thousand square foot collection-oriented facility since 2000. This facility was built to accommodate the unique needs CBA has as a customer-service oriented collection center. Features such as elevated management workstations, inviting lobby area, and vibrant work interiors align CBA’s facility more closely to our clients’ facilities, unlike to a prototypical collection facility, so CBA can achieve the client’s level of professionalism and customer care that comes through with each call we make.

Approach – CBA’s extensive experience and deep understanding of a clients’ collection portfolio is a unique, competitive advantage that has been achieved by retaining experienced management staff, developing specialized training and fostering precise employee skillsets that produces successful results. Results are not just measured by dollars collected, but also by other factors such as positive customer interactions, being able to show respect at all times, and having the compassion to be able to recognize a challenging financial situation that can be resolved to have a mutually beneficial outcome for the customer, our client and CBA. CBA’s in-depth knowledge of the complexities of financial collections derived from our over fifty years of experience which results in the highest levels of customer satisfaction combined with maximized recovery rates.

Professional associations

Collection Bureau of America is an active member / vendor of the following associations:

Collection Bureau of America Ltd. is a collection agency.
This is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector and all information will be used for that purpose.

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